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Grand Prix Legends Preservation Society


Grand Prix Legends Installer

Welcome to the GPLPS GPL Installer project

We've read on various forums about the problems some people have had installing GPL . So to make installation of GPL as painless as possible and to give you an easy-to-enjoy historic F1 simulation, the GPLPS has created a GPL Installer to greatly simplify the process. Without the installer installation of GPL might give you some headaches and problems as the original GPL CD setup was developed before Windows 2000/XP/Vista was around. Additionally, there are numerous patches that should be applied, both from Papyrus and the GPL Community, that are essential to get GPL working properly. The GPLPS GPL installer will do this for you in a user-friendly interface. 

Also, if you you've ever done a raw install of GPL, you've noticed the original graphics which are outdated today. In the past, you would have spent considerable time downloading and installing several updates for both cars and tracks to improve the graphics. In the GPLPS GPL installer, much of this has been done for you. The cars have been replaced with the GPLEA cars, and many of the standard Papyrus tracks have also been updated, with some of the finest, best-known, and frequently very historically-correct updates for these venues.

At this point we only have the maximum version for US, UK, FRA, GER, IT and SP ready for download.

Now what will the installer do for you?

The installer will take care of installing GPL from your original CD and will then apply all original Papyrus patches,  the BWPatch, the Carsound patch and Pribluda. Additional it will apply the teamfix patch, team badges, BAPOM track program covers, GPLEA cars and track updates from various authors. After a reboot you should be able to start GPL and enjoy racing the great 1967 F1 cars.

This installer (current version 0.97) is no static package. We can assure you that we will continue to discuss the contents and we will try to include what we think gives you the best, historically-correct updates. So in short we're absolutely positive that we will make it better with the next release. But we think to get you started the current status is good enough to make it easy to reinstall (or install for the first time) one of the finest racing simulations ever developed.


But enough about the installer itself. Now it's time to list the guys which have done an outstanding job creating GPL, and making GPL better and better:

Please don't forget to donate a bit to the BCSIMS/GPLMZ network which so kindly provide the server and bandwidth


We'd like to start by thanking Dave Kaemmer, Papyrus & Sierra for giving us Grand Prix Legends.

And thanks a lot to the following people and the community for enabling us to enjoy this great experience:

GPLEA (cars/tracks)
Magnus T (The maintainer of the original All-In-One Patches)
Bart Westra (BW Patch)
Keeper (GPLEA Sound)
Wolfgang (Ducwolf Soundset 0.5)
Nigel Pattinson (Carsound Patch & Teamfix)
WiHerr (Nvidia OpenGL Patch)
Denis "DenF1" Fedorov (Pribluda)
Klas (Updates for Kyalami, Mosport, Nürburg, and Rouen GPL Today )
John Bradley (Program Sets)
Ian Barrett (Team Badges)
Seegert (Realism police)
David Wright (Legends of 67 & 65)
Arturo Pereira (All-In-One Source)
Ginetto (Trackbuilder)
Paul Thurston (GEM+ )
Steffen W (Updates for Monza, Monaco, Zandvoort, Cortinas)
Jackseller (Track updates)
Modif (Updates Spa)
Rock Lobster (Updates WG)
Berca (Updates WG)
Simon Stobbart (Updates WG)
Jim Erickson (Updates WG)
Al Heeley (Sky Updates)

And for sure so many more. So much more that I can't list them all as there have been so many great guys which did the basics and yet seem to be somehow forgotten today. So here's a short list of some of them :

Bruce M. Johnson, Alison Hine, Klaus Hörbrand, Greger Huttu, Mark Beckman, Phil Flack, Peter O'Connor, Andy Wilke, Paul Skingley, Charles Mark, Gene Fryman, Richard Cook, Luc Van Gossum, Marco Medici, Klaus Thon, Sam Dobie, Darkgreen, Volker Holz, Jon Ferraez, Racer Dave, Roger W, Gary Tall, jbviking, Stefan Magnusson, Alan Dickeson, Roger Wennstrom, Berca, DoK, Paul Jackson, Bill Cooper, Bob Simpson, Herb, Swen Beuchert, Pete Gaimari, Steve Cloyd, Stuart Boyle, smogbike, Sergio Loro, Royale,.......


SimRacing Mirror Zone

And again a big thanks to all involved !